“Gonna Take Her for a Ride on a Big Jet Plane…”


So I’ve just dropped the kids at daycare (they go 2 days a week), and rather than get stuck into the mountain of housework I have waiting for me (incidental exercise!) I thought I should pop in a quick post – I’m getting a bit slack lately, but I guess for now there’s nothing really to report…

My food choices haven’t been so good lately… I’m fighting an inner struggle between what I should be eating to try and lose weight before surgery, and eating foods that I will probably be eating for the last time.  Ever.  Mourning food – pathetic right?  I’m too scared to get on the scales for fear of probable disappointment, which in the past has lead to more bad food habits in an effort to console myself – vicious cycle.  What ever will I do when I can’t go to food for comfort….. *gasp* Here’s a thought – I may actually have to DEAL WITH MY SHIT.

Anyways, the hubby is back from work on Friday, and on Sunday, we are escaping the Perth winter and heading to sunny Bali for our first ever family holiday – that’s right, we will be THOSE dreaded people on the flight with THOSE children.  I’m incredibly nervous about the flight and the possibility of either or both of the kids getting sick while we’re away…  Also, my pre-op diet of protein shakes starts 2 days after we arrive, so I’m kind of nervous about possibly having to explain the sachets of powders at customs….

It’s got me to thinking about things I dread about holidays as an overweight person.  First there is the packing – when your clothes are twice the size of those of an average person, it looks as though you’re packing clothes for a month rather than a 9-night stay.  I’m worried about the possibility of having to ask for a seatbelt extender – I haven’t had to as yet, but I don’t think I have ever flown at the size I am now.  Tray tables – thank god we aren’t being served a meal on the flight as I think it’d be a tight squeeze…

Anyone who has ever been to Bali will know about the friendly, yet PUSHY, Balinese vendors that are always trying to sell you something from their store.  The last time I went, I couldn’t even count the amount of times after saying “no thank you” I had them shout “WE HAVE BIIIIIIIIIG SIZES!!!” as I hurriedly walked away red-faced.

Then there is the fact that you wear minimal clothing in the heat, and the dreaded SWIMSUIT.  I’ve never felt uncomfortable around the Balinese people, but sometimes other westerners can’t seem to keep their eyes in their heads.  Oh, and the sweating.  The last time I went, I made the mistake of putting Vampire Red Manic Panic through my hair before we left Perth, and the amount of perspiration made me look like my head was constantly bleeding…

One of the best parts about Bali is Waterbom Park.  Pretty sure I exceed the weight limits for most things this time around.  Just as well I have the kids to look after and will probably stay in the safety of the family area.

So with all this in mind, I’m saying goodbye to ever having to travel as a fat chick EVER AGAIN.  I can’t wait to one day be able to actually ENJOY myself without being self-conscious about all of the above and more.

Anyone ever had any similar experiences?

4 thoughts on ““Gonna Take Her for a Ride on a Big Jet Plane…”

  1. Alexandra says:

    You poor thing. I’m doing the protein shakes/meal replacements and they are not bad at all. And guess what?! If you crave something sweet…pull out the tiny box of raisins and feed your face. Yum. That has really been working for me. Really! Tash, enjoy your holiday and distract yourself from everything by watching your kiddos and making sure they stay safe and have fun. Just think…this time next year, you’ll be taking another holiday with the all new you!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Just saw you wanted my email… so here it is. thegirlinside@rocketmail dot com. 🙂

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