Hey there strangers…


Yes, it has been a while.

I have gotten lazy/behind in my posting here, and l shouldn’t have, because posting may have helped me out. I’m feeling pretty down lately, and I just don’t know why.

A quick update: I think I am about 7kg less than I was post op, and have moved on from a liquid diet to a puréed diet. Kind of as interesting as the liquid diet, but way more gross. But it doesn’t bother me so much, I don’t have much of an appetite.

Which brings me to my next confession – I haven’t been keeping track of the protein – and clearly not having enough. I’ve even slacked on taking my supplements – aside from the fact they are chewable and DISGUSTING, I don’t even know why I have fallen off of the wagon only 3 weeks out.

I also have a big, sore lump of an area underneath my scars where my stomach used to be… I can’t help but think its a hernia. God I hope not.

I have just been so down lately, life just seems overwhelming. My GP was worried how my mental health would fare post surgery. I also wonder how much of my antidepressants I absorb now.

Anyways, it feels like I have a big black cloud hanging over me.

Baby steps. My 3 goals for the week to turn things around are:

1. Take my supplements EVERY DAY.
2. Meet my 60g protein requirement EVERY DAY.
3. Post here at least EVERY SECOND DAY. I need to sound whatever is going on out.

Love love xx

3 thoughts on “Hey there strangers…

  1. […] so, yesterday, I set myself 3 goals, 3 promises that I would make my best efforts to keep at least for this week and hopefully hereon […]

  2. Hazimax says:

    I have slipped with my counting my protein and taking my vitamins too…i think it’s a little “laziness” and a little “oh i’ll b fine cockiness” as we think we’re eating the right foods now!

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