A lovely Sunday…

Different seed samples await germination testi...

Well, yesterday was a lovely day.  I could not wipe the smile off of my face.

It began when my husband, noticing the perfect weather, suggested we go for a barbecue or picnic somewhere.

Which sounds like a WHOLE LOTTA FUN for someone 6 days out from having her insides rearranged and living on a liquid diet. *rolls eyes*…

It occurred to me, at that moment, that we didn’t have A CLUE what to do for fun – that wasn’t food oriented.

So I suggested something else.

For a long time, I had this romantic notion of having my children plant seeds, care for them and watch them grow, so off to Bunnings we went, bought 9 packets of herb and summer vegetable seeds, some cute kid-sized gardening gloves and trowels.  We took our time, as you do at Bunnings, and looked at all the plants and trees and outdoor improvement things that we always want to do in the future (but never do) and spent a good hour just walking around 🙂

Then we got home to the fun part.  All four of us were outside, my son, who will be 2 in less than a week, lost interest very quickly as I knew he would, so my daughter and I shovelled, planted and covered all our little seeds by dinnertime, and got very dirty in the process 🙂

After dinner, as my lovely husband was bathing our children, I received a text message from a friend asking me to go to an impromptu movie date that evening and see Magic Mike.  I had a great time, although I have to admit it was incredibly strange to go into the theatre and walk past the candy bar, even stranger to watch a movie without munching on popcorn and sipping on soft drink.  As for the movie, we both gave the same verdict: NOT ENOUGH NUDE MEN!

Tomorrow will mark one week since my surgery… and although I shouldn’t expect much progress, I think I’m going to step on the scales… Just because I’m curious 🙂