Liquid. Diet. *groan*

Okay, so first of all, yes, I DID weigh myself yesterday.

The day of surgery, I weighed in at 132kg (291lbs).

Yesterday, one week post-op, the magic number on the scales was 128.8kg (283lbs).

Which makes it a loss of 3.2kg (7lbs) in one week!

That said, I am SO OVER this post surgery liquid diet I have been placed on in order to let my insides heal! I am on a strict liquid (nothing thicker than milk) diet for the first 2 weeks post surgery, and I think I have had almost more protein shakes and soups than I can ever handle. I’m not missing or craving solid food, I am just sick of the non stop liquids!

6 more days before I see my dietician again and hopefully can eat something with a bit more variety!